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Donate Products Gifts in Kind

Donate Products

If your company has new, first-quality excess inventory, or if you have made produced-to-give items, you can help TEST the easy way by donating these gifts in kind.

What Kind of Products Can TEST Use?

Janet Talbott, our School Program Specialist, has put out an ongoing call for general school supplies and children’s arts-and-crafts supplies. Please contact Janet for more information.

We also have an ongoing need for knit hats, stocking caps, mittens and socks sized for children up to age 12. Adult sizes are also welcome; we gather the latter for distribution to Portland’s homeless, who are especially vulnerable during the winter months.

If you’ve got a product not mentioned and want to get it where it will do the most good, email Mike and let him know!

How Can My Company Benefit?

Increase your tax deduction. Section 170 (e) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code allows qualifying firms a deduction of up to twice the cost of donated inventory. Check with your tax professional to optimize your gift!

Free up storage space and reduce administrative costs. Slow-moving inventory taking up your warehouse space can be instantly converted into tangible blessings for those going without.


For questions about donating products, please fill out the form below.