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Payroll Deductions Support TEST by setting up payroll deductions...

Payroll Deductions

TESTing Our Compassion Transit Employee Support Team!

We need your help so that we can help you when you need it.

It’s no secret this job is hard on your body and mind and that the system we work in for providing support is not always on your side. TEST was created to add an extra safety net to give you and your family peace of mind in the event that you suffer a catastrophic illness or injury and when sick time, vacation time and reserves have been exhausted. TEST is working with TriMet as an extension of TriMet’s Catastrophic Leave Bank Program (HR-146.1-4) to help ensure support and give you more options how to donate.

TEST is not an insurance program like Aflac but a co-op of caring Transit Employees who want to offer you a lifeline when all else fails. TEST can help supplement your income so that you can focus on getting well and returning back to work. This is all based on available funds. Right now we have about 3,000 Transit Employees (union and non union) on TriMet properties. If we had 100% of our Transit Employees contribute through payroll deductions a mere $2.50 per pay period, less than the price of a cup of coffee once every two weeks, we would have $180,000.00 each year to “Make a Difference” for those in their time of need.

As you can see we do have the power in numbers. So help TEST help you by joining our family of Transit Employees who care by signing up for payroll deductions. You decide on the amount to contribute.

As of today our overall average (Tax Deductible) payroll deductions is a whopping $11.38 per pay period.
That’s why this program works, because of caring people like you.
So complete our team by joining today.

To Get Started.. ..follow these steps to fill out "TriMet's Charitable Contribution Campaign Pledge Form" Below:

  1. Fill in your information at the top of the page, including: Name, Employee#, Home Address, Signature and Date.
  2. On the right edge of page include your E-mail Address and Phone#.
  3. Now write in the amount of your donation each pay period on the upper left side of page.

    You’re almost finished…
  4. Now, take your donated amount and multiply it by 24 pay periods then write your yearly donation at the middle of the page on the right side under the United Way, to the right of Transit Employee Support Team.

    If you donate $10.00 per pay period x 24 = $240.00 per year.

    (Your donations are 100% “Tax Deductible” and will appear on your pay stub under United Way. Your last pay stub for the year will have your total contributions for your records when filing your taxes.)
  5. Now, hand in your completed form to your station agent who will fax it to:
    Christine Riot
    (TriMet Campaign Coordinator)
    FAX: 503-962-7440.

    You can also mail your completed form to:
    P.O. Box 13332
    Portland, OR 97213-0332

    e-mail to mikeluce(at)ourtest(dot)org

CLICK HERE to Download the Simple Form

Make sure to check out our Fundraising Programs for additional ways to help!


For questions about payroll deductions, please fill out the form below.