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Consumer Direct Shopping More information coming soon...

Consumer Direct Shopping

Launching New 2021 Fundraiser!

Consumer Direct Shopping! Is a great way to shop and convenient. It allows you to do your shopping directly from the factory floor to your front door. You shop without leaving your home, placing your orders online or by phone. Now that’s convenient! And a real time saver! As a Fundraiser TEST is rewarded like no other program just by you being a customer, creating revenue for those families who need your help. Fortunately TEST had the funds to provide financial support for Linda’s family at her time of passing, and that’s why these programs are so important to support. Like our other Fundraiser programs you are rewarded as well, by being a customer and by telling others of a great place to shop. You have greater benefits and savings just by switching stores on some things you are already buying, already in your budget, spending no new money.

To learn more about this program, watch a short video by filling out the form below, including your cell phone number to view the video. You can also set up your account on this link or click here to answer your questions and take the 90 day challenge and try it out. See for yourself the ease of shopping and all the great benefits they have to offer, plus receive free items to try. Thank you for supporting “Transit Employee Support Team.”


For questions about consumer direct shopping, please fill out the form below.