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Lamar Advertising

Billboard, Digital, Transit and Airport Advertising Media Provider

Some of you may have noticed our advertising on the back of thirty TriMet buses. This was a donation valued over $115,000.00 from Lamar advertising, one of the largest advertising agencies in the United States and I believe Canada. We want to thank Lamar advertising for donating the space on all thirty buses, and Donate Your Car U.S.A. for designing the signs and making this program possible. I can’t forget thanking TriMet’s marketing department for bringing us all together. This has greatly help our cause by getting the word out to whom we are and our mission, plus generating revenue from the community by donating their vehicles.

United Way of the Columbia-Willamette

Investing In Our Region’s Kids

Becoming an agent of the United Way was the last piece of the puzzle that tied everything together, allowing TEST to set up donations through payroll deductions for all TriMet employees. It was Randy Stedman (Executive Director, Labor Relations & Human Resources, Consultants) that gave TEST a letter of referral to the United Way that allowed TEST to become an agent. So we owe Randy Stedman a debt of gratitude for all you have done for TEST, and for all TriMet employees.

Randy Stedman
Executive Director, Labor Relations & Human Resources

Amalgamated Transit Union 757

Fighting For Our Brothers and Sisters in Oregon and Southern Washington

ATU Local 757 was honored to have International President of ATU Larry Hanley attend our July charter meeting and doing the honors of swearing in our new officers. Larry was very informative of the future and direction of ATU and how important the up-coming election will be and how we need to be all in, working together as a team. Also how important our health care benefits are to all ATU Transit Employees. Larry also mentioned that ATU will have studies, compiled information of the hazards of our profession. Knowing the hazards and maintaining good health takes work. Our goal is to provide the information to make your journey easier under “Wellness” on our new website. Please note that the picture shows International President

Larry Hanley on the left and former ATU local 757 President Bruce Hansen on the right. The picture below was taken a few years ago, since then our ATU International President Larry Hanley has passed away. I had a chance to know Larry on his visit to Portland to address our Union (ATU Local 757). It turns out that Larry drove bus through my old neighborhood in Brownsville Brooklyn New York. Without a doubt, Larry Hanley will be greatly missed by many and will never be forgotten for all his hard work, fighting for the well being of our Union members, and for his friendship, may his soul rest in peace. God Bless.

(Left) Larry Hanley, International President of ATU
(Right) Bruce Hansen, Former ATU Local 757 President


See Where it Take You – Trip Planner, TransitTracker, Service Alerts

Fred Hansen (Former TriMet General Manager) launched “Transit Employee Support Team” by making the very first donation in his office before retiring. It took a few years and thousands of dollars to reach this point, creating TEST. Fred Hansen, Neil McFarlane (TriMet General Manager) and Brian Playfair (Executive Director HR & General Counsel at TriMet) all said after reviewing our mission and legal documents that our Team should be commended for taking the time to put together a program that would benefit all TriMet employees. I would like to add that TEST received a pleasant surprise from Governor Kate Brown of Oregon, thanking TEST for a job well done.

Pease note that TriMet does not endorse nor Sponsor Transit Employee Support team Inc.

Advantis Credit Union

A financial cooperative dedicated to your financial success.

I’m excited to add Advantis Credit Union to our list of sponsors. Advantis Credit Union is a well-known credit union with solid business practices, plus deeply rooted in our communities providing excellent service, as well as giving a helping hand to support community needs. I’d like to thank Kyleigh Gill, (Community Relations Manager for Advantis Credit Union) for offering a generous donation to support our program. I’m totally humbled by the generosity of Advantis Credit Union and Kyleigh Gill for her faith in our program knowing how hard our Team has worked to get this far.