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TESTing Our Compassion Transit Employee Support Team

We need your help so that we can help you when you need it. It’s no secret this job is hard on your body and mind and that life is not always fair. TEST was created to add an extra safety net to give you and your family peace of mind in the event you suffer a catastrophic illness or injury and when sick time, vacation time and reserves have been exhausted. TEST is working with TriMet as an extension of TriMet’s catastrophic Leave Bank Program (HR-146.1-4) to help ensure support and give you more options how to donate. TEST is not an insurance program like Aflac but a co-op of caring TriMet Employees who want to offer you a lifeline when all else fails. TEST can help supplement your income so that you can focus on getting well and returning to work. This is all based on available funds. Right now, we have about 3,500 TriMet Employees (union and non-union). If we had 28.6% of all TriMet Employees (1000 People) contribute $11.00/month, we would have $11,000.00/month or $132,000.00 per year, to pay it forward, “Making a Difference” for those in their time of need. As you can tell we do have the power in numbers. So help TEST help you by joining our family of TriMet Employees who care by making a $11.00 per month donation, and if you would like to help, show 3 people how to join our team, repeating the process. Before TriMet cancelled their non-profit program TEST had an average (Tax Deductible) donation of a whopping $22.76/month/ person. That’s why this program works, because of caring people like you, so complete our team by joining today.

To get started, just select your donation amount above or click on the $11.00/month Red Donation Box. Next, enter the amount, check recurring box on the right, date to start and select frequency (monthly or bi-weekly). Then continue with your information to complete the process. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail TEST at or call TEST (503) 894-1289.

When setting up your account on our website for a one-time donation or monthly recurring donations you’ll receive an e-mail with each transaction made, showing the amount you donated and our EIN number (TAX ID) showing that your donation went to Transit Employee Support Team Inc., a 501©3 nonprofit. “This will be your only proof of your donation from TEST.”

Thank you for your support,
Transit Employee Support Team Members,
Making a Difference for You!

The TEST structure 95% Goes DIRECTLY to the Needy

We welcome gifts from across the nation and around the world. Our Board will balance distribution of funds so that the needs of our transit workers will be met and not underfunded. Its structure dictates using no more than 5% for fundraising and administration costs.

Every Dollar Counts Your $11.00 per month donation can change lives.

Thank you for your generosity. It can and does change the world.

For questions about online donations, please fill out the form below.