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Donate Your Car Take your old care in a whole new direction..

Donate Your Car

Automobile Donations to TEST Help Us Help Transit Workers

Got an old clunker you’re tired of pouring money into? Ready to make room for something better, without the hassles of advertising and showing the car you’ve outgrown? Looking to spare yourself the haggling and the paperwork involved in a car sale? Consider making your old auto a vehicle for change.

Vehicle Donations are Fully Deductible

Helping TEST by donating your car can mean helping yourself to a significant tax deduction. We accept donations of cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles—even boats and airplanes. We work with Insurance Auto Auctions Inc., a processing firm that handles all of the paperwork and will pick up the vehicle at no cost, running or not in most cases. You can also donate timeshares, lots or other real estate to TEST! If you wish to make a donation or would like further information, please call 866-207-1547.

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