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Volunteer The lifeblood of any organization..


Volunteer with TEST

As you may know, volunteers are the lifeblood in any organization to help generate revenue, and TEST is no exception. Jeff Muceus did a great job creating our new e-mail system that will send updated information to all our TEST members, which will keep everyone in the loop. The next step is to find volunteers, about 3 TEST members at each Garage in each department that would volunteer to help with fundraising, including coupon book sales once a year for 2 weeks or just be available to help our coworkers become a member of TEST by showing 3 people how to make an $11.00 per month donation through our website, and have them show 3 people to do the same, repeating the process. We’re also creating an advisory panel from volunteers at each Garage or department that would meet with our board members to share new ideas to best serve our cause. Nothing more exciting or rewarding than to have like minded friends and coworkers working together to make a difference for those in need. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, just e-mail us your request including your job title and department and location.


For questions about volunteering, please fill out the form below.