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Wellness Having good health in our profession is crucial for longevity.

Having good health in our profession is crucial for longevity. Listed below are just a few ideas to maintain good health. Look and feel younger longer by sustaining a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort, so make the time to ensure a happier and healthier future.

  1. TEI Fitness Center is a great place to start, if you work for TriMet join TEI today. Check out TEI Fitness Center on Facebook, they have a great staff, well trained to meet your needs.
  2. THE D.O.T. EXAM CENTER – Dr. Annette Stevko, FMCSA Examiner and Chiropractic Sports Physician has many years of experience. Since Dr Harris retired, I now have my DOT exam done by Dr. Annette each year as well as other TriMet Operators. I like how after she is done with the exam, she faxes the completion form to Salem so that I don’t have to worry about it, it’s done until next year. Her office is in the heart of the Hollywood District, with easy access, 4111 NE Tillamook Street PDX, Or 97213. You can call her office for an appointment at 503-287-3725, or schedule online. Your Trusted DOT Physical Exam Resource. Tell Dr Annette you saw her information on our TEST website.
  3. Natural Choices Health Clinic should be on your list to complete your wellness needs providing naturopathic family healthcare. Dr. Keivan Jinnah is a Naturopathic Physician, Master of Science in Oriental Medicine and Licensed Acupuncturist with over 30 years experience.
    Located at 3007 SE Belmont St.
    For more information or to schedule an appointment, call today at (503) 445-7115.
  4. Cascade Spine & Injury Center has a complete program to resolve injuries or just to maintain peak health. They have a professional trained staff to provide Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy and Chiropractic Care.
    Located at 5253 NE Sandy Blvd.
    Give them a call today at (503) 766-4881.
  5. POWER Chiropractic Clinic located in Happy Valley has a modern up to date clinic with full service needs. For more information or to schedule an appointment with our Happy Valley chiropractor.
    Located at 15711 Happy Valley Town Center Dr.
    Call (503) 786-7786 today!
  6. Advanced Dental Arts NW – Having good health and a good smile, work hand and hand. Dr. Teasdale is amazing with his calmness and steady hand and his wealth of knowledge and experience makes you feel confident in Dr. Teasdale’s work. Dr. Teasdale has been our family dentist for years. I highly recommend Dr. Teasdale, and his staff, so feel free to call his office today and make an appointment; simply call (503) 446-2722.
  7., looking for a site to answer some of your questions concerning your health needs, go to
  8. Accurate Hearing Centers – Did you know that hearing loss was common in our field of Transportation. The next time you go in for your recertification for your CDL license, insist on having your hearing test in a sound proof box. This will ensure a track record of possible hearing loss, knowing that we have noise levels in the cab of 84.5 dB(A) to 120.5 dB(A) when kneeling the bus. You can greatly reduce possible hearing loss and tinnitus by kneeling your bus with your front door closed. If you have concerns contact your safety committee at your garage. You should not have to give up your health or your hearing for a job, see Todd E. Williams M.A. BC-HIS on a yearly basis for a thorough hearing test. Don’t take your hearing for granted. Questions Call (503) 924-7430.
  9. Awareness/Prevention – The following information will help you understand why we have injuries and prevention.- Health and Safety in Transit Operations – A Factsheet for Local Unions
    This Is What Sitting Too Long Does To Your Body
    Too Loud. Too Long.
    How Loud is 80 Decibels
  10. Need Help Paying Bills – Information, Inspiration & Resources for Today’s Unexpected Challenges in Life.
  11. Many living and working in Oregon are not aware how unfair Oregon Workers Compensation Insurance program is compared to surrounding states, that’s why you need a Lawyer. If you are injured on the job, inform your supervisor immediately. If injured as an operator call dispatch now, and tell them, when, where, and how your injury happened. Once you get back to the garage, fill out an incident report, this should protect your claim up to a year in most cases. Make sure that you call dispatch or talk to a supervisor to report your injury before leaving company property. It’s your responsibility to prove by 51% that your injury happened on the job, so if you have witnesses get their information, make sure you have the data packs pulled ASAP before the information is over written. Hopefully this information was helpful.


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